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who we are

IMPACT NEST HOSTS curated global VISUAL experiences at iconic venues with influential change makers

the challenge

climate change & nature loss

Involuntary migration

environmental degradation could displace 1.2 billion people by 2050, inducing additional geopolitical, economic & security risks

our solution

Educating people on environmental solutions through the power of science, art & compelling storytelling

Driving behavioural & policy change through visual immersive experiences and curated, science-backed activities

driving behavioural change through scientific research, innovative engagement through art & entertainment,and policy change through global, high-level, multi-stakeholder collaboration

we work with multi-stakeholders

Official partner of global events like COP and support their mission and objectives.

We aim to facilitate public-private partnerships that communicate and ensure alignment with science through NGO partners

global events


governments & municipalities

Assist corporations in conveying their ESG agenda and the necessary investments to combat climate change & nature loss to shareholders. Boost employer branding & global brand reputation

Provide a communication platform to state & local authorities to showcase their national sustainable development goals to local & global communities

Support NGOs and environmental campaigners to raise funds, build awareness, advocate for action, and promote climate justice.


art festivals & museums


Prepare the general public for the upcoming climate change, educate & inspire behaviour change towards a sustainable future.

Partner with leading global academic institutions on scientific research into behavioural psychology and climate change.

our vision

By creating immersive experiences backed by science that awaken minds, connect hearts and fuel action.

we ignite global action for sustainability

we build nests of awareness & knowledge

we accelerate the adoption process

By artfully providing sustainability education. We empower people to contribute to a sustainable future

Of sustainable solutions with the power to change the trajectory of humanity & create a more sustainable world.

the impact we have made so far

the wake-up experience

an official cop 28 event, hosted at the heart of expo city dubai, al wasl plaza on world soil day

in partneship with

distinguished speakers

Sadhguru, International spiritual leader, and founder of the SaveSoil initiative.

from government, civil society, & impact organisations

H.E. Khaled Khalifa, Senior Advisor and Representative to the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries UNHCR.

Milena Stoycheva, Minister of Innovation and Growth, Republic of Bulgaria

Chief Moomen, Ghanaian poet & playwright and creative entrepreneur.

Impact Nest hosted a powerful multi-sensory journey designed to shed light on the critical relationship between climate change and forced displacement while offering powerful insights on easy, accessible, and impactful solutions.

the wake up experience

video highlights

projection mapping experience

event overview

cop28 highlights

sadghuru highlights

In the media

media press release kit

If you would like to mention us in your media articles, we offer a Press Release Kit, which states more information about the Wake Up Experience and Impact Nest.

Our team

Strahil Jordanov, Creative Director

Creative Director of MP-STUDIO, an internationally awarded studio for projection mapping and immersive experiences with more than 450 projects around the globe: Light art on the Brandenburg Gate, The Northern Church in Amsterdam, Bolshoi Theatre, TV tower in Berlin, EXPO 2020 Dubai and many more. Co-creator of the LUNAR Festival of Lights. Founder of SPACE DIVE PRODUCTIONS

Galina Vacheva, CEO

Social entrepreneur. Founder of BEINX, a platform providing coaching services to migrants. Marketing Executive with 10+ years of experience at Havas Media & The Walt Disney Company in London. Founder of marketing & design agency Redvert, with clients like Disney, BMW, and Mini. Director of Insight Seminars UK, a community for personal & professional development.

Todor Gigilev, Advisor and Investor

Technology Entrepreneur. Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dreamix, the fastest-growing IT company in Bulgaria with clients like Pro7 & RTL. CTO and Co-founder of ESG360. Creator of PoBG - a community of successful entrepreneurs and investors. Todor also hosts The Bridge event, attracting top entrepreneurs

Nikolay Ivanov, Business Development

Business development professional in the fields of corporate sustainability and responsible management education with 7 years of experience at the United Nations Global Compact in New York. Co-creator of the UN PRME Blueprint for SDG Integration in Curriculum, Research and Partnerships. Senior ESG Advisor for the Mesh Firm - a pioneering product management consultancy in Denmark. Ambassador of the Positive Impact Rating for Business Schools (Switzerland). LinkedIn

Kristina Anguelova, Strategic Advisor

A sustainable finance leader, advisor and startup mentor, Kristina combines her expertise in sustainability and ESG with a passion for impact across multiple UN SDGs in emerging markets. Her background in the public, private and innovation spaces has made her realise that the key to unlocking solutions to the world's most pressing issues is through alignment and collaboration across these ecosystems.


  • Gain recognition among the Global Pioneers of Sustainability

  • Elevate your brand to the forefront of the sustainability movement

  • Build emotional bonding with global leaders and decision makers

  • Benefit from highly recognisable and impactful communication through an unforgettable visual art experience and in-preson audience address.

  • Your brand will be etched into the hearts & minds of the viewers

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory

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our partners

“I was a part of an immersive experience of a future both dark and bright, painful but full of power to change. At COP28 Impact Nest used the breathtaking synergy of human artistry and the latest technology to deeply move us into the reality of climate change where our collective creative power is greatly needed.

I was proud to be there as a Minister of Innovation and Growth of Bulgaria first of all because the show was a testimony of Bulgarian talent displayed on the vast canvas of the majestic Al Wasl Dome in the Dubai Expo. This is rebranding Bulgaria in practice. What is more, this 3D magic was an exhibition of innovation and its power to change the world.

A big thank you to the Impact Nest team for visualizing my deep belief that it is time to use the transformative power of innovation to move from ego to eco, from individual to collective intelligence, from competition to collaboration all because of our future.

You move the world by moving hearts!”

Milena Stoycheva

Minister of Innovation and Growth, Bulgaria

what others say

ragy Saro

Programme Manager at COP28, Youth Climate Champion, Dubai

“The immersive event at Al Wasl Plaza, curated by Impact Nest, showcased the importance of addressing climate change and its consequential effects on forced migration. Impact nest was able to bring together global thought leaders such as Sadhguru, ministers, CEOs, creative industry pioneers, and UN agency representatives to connect with an audience through art and storytelling.

The art served as a visual spectacle and a powerful medium for enriching discussions on climate-induced migration and how simple steps, such as nurturing the soil, can prevent famine and reduce climate migration. By marrying artistic ingenuity with showcasing sustainability solutions, the event succeeded in transforming an often abstract and difficult topic into a more emotionally engaging narrative. The Wake Up Experience was a testament to the potential that creative expression has in elevating environmental discourse.”

"Immersive experiences wield immense power by transcending traditional engagement. Still on a high from the mesmerising lights and sounds show of "The Wake-Up Experience" by Impact Nest at COP28, where Yogi, Mystic and Visionary Sadhguru JV illuminated the imperative of environmental protection and spoke about his powerful SaveSoil movement. This global initiative, spearheaded by Sadhguru, unites people worldwide in a collective effort to address the soil crisis and advocate for Soil Health.

The event, a brilliant synthesis of thought leadership and artistic expression, beautifully symbolized the dynamic energy ignited when a community unites for a shared purpose. Projections on the spectacular Al Wasl Dome and live insights by Sadhguru, took us on a breath-taking immersive session, offering a glimpse into the future and the painful climate horizon and potential solutions to what can turn out to be the most catastrophic mass migration wave in human history…

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Christine Amour-Levar

Co-founder, Investors for Climate

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